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A lifestyle video celebrating InkAddict’s rebranding and 10 years of business.




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"It's an expression of yourself. It's a journey of where you go, where you've been, and where you want to go. It's a reminder."

Meet Suzy Mizinski, a 32 year old Michigan native and long time member of the InkAddict family. Suzy was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer June of 2014 and she is one of the 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States. Over half of those survivors, including Suzy, have had a mastectomy to help ensure their survival.

Many of the women who undergo these mastectomies decide to turn to reconstructive surgery after they win the fight. Unfortunately, a lot of these women don’t realize that tattoos are also an option.

InkAddict teamed up with P.INK and Inked Magazine to raise awareness about mastectomy tattoos. We recruited our buddy and world renowned tattoo artist Kyle Cotterman to create Suzy's dream mastectomy tattoo. During the tattoo journey we shared vlogs of Suzy discussing diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, the perception of cancer, hair loss and more. 

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Suzy's final mastectomy tattoo by artist Kyle Cotterman.




Director & Editor

"It's just another extension of control."

As part of our series of videos highlighting member of the IA Nation we dove into the life of Chris Burkeybyle. Chris founded both Station 515 & four.chamber.forge in Ferndale, MI. Whether it be training, tattoos or forging, Burkey approaches everything mind first, body second.


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InkAddict X MoPop Live Painting

Coordinator, Branding, Artist

“Gin and La Croix at the Dustbowl.”


Festival goers can buy raffle tickets to win the art panel of their choice. Ten artists, six 4x7’ panels, six winners. Proceeds go to Living Arts Detroit.



Leave Your Mark Blood Drive

Coordination & Branding

"We need more blood bags."


InkAddict’s mission was to host a blood drive that celebrates and brings awareness to the recent ruling that one can now give blood after getting a tattoo within the same year. The event was such a success by mid afternoon we exceeded our goal and eventually ran out of blood bags.  So in true InkAddict fashion, we celebrated with an art exhibition, music, food, and drink.